How to style your rental without triggering your landlord

How to style your rental without triggering your landlord

You’ve finally moved out but you’re still saving your pennies to eventually buy your own home. Most likely you’re living in a rental, which comes with some rules that will drive you bonkers if it’s ugly or you’re a creative.

Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to make a rental into a space that you’re super stoked to call yours.

Painting your walls

It’s just not going to happen! (Unless your landlords are super cool, which in most cases, you’re dreamin’). So, what to dooooo? The days of ugly wallpaper (that you need a professional to come in with clag glue to install) have come and gone as the only choice in the market. Now, we have the awesome invention of removable wallpaper! It’s literally a huge sticker. They come in all sorts of patterns, colours and textures… Yeh, I said ‘texture’ (cue mind-blown emoji). Just measure up and they’ll cut it to size and ship it to you for the easiest of installations. You can even pick-up some stick on tiles to do up your bathroom, laundry or kitchen!

The Wall Sticker Company

The Wall Sticker Company have an amazing range of rental friendly wallpapers. Easy to install and using a non-toxic adhesive, you're going to get an awesome feature wall without the commitment of 20 years! 

Stick some wall-art on your wall

Speaking of stickers - As a property stylist, I’ve come up against builders and vendors that didn’t want to hang artwork in a property with picture nails, instead opting for stick on hangers (3M Hooks), which if you’ve ever used, DON’T WORK (unless you’re hanging weightless things on them). But, when you’ve got bland, boring walls, you need some art on to really pack a punch. Step right up, art in stick on form! Modern, colourful artwork that simply adheres to your walls and comes straight back off with zero damage. Now, if you live in a place that doesn’t care if you put a hole in the wall, you can easily frame these guys and hang as normal too – The options are endless!

Cheer Up | Hansel Gretel Australia

Gussy is now available at Hansel Gretel Australia! Now your dreams of having beautiful artwork can come true. Bursting with colour these bad boys are easy peel and stick pieces that are rental friendly and damage free.

 Get rid of that super old carpet

Just kidding. You can’t. BUT! You can hide it and it’s super freaking easy. If there is one thing that can really ruin a rental, it’s the flooring (cringe, linoleum). By simply throwing a rug down, you’re covering up the majority of your issue. I generally see charcoal/brown carpet in rentals, and I suggest a lighter coloured, lightly patterned and thickly textured rug (hand-knotted) to give you that comfort underfoot that your flooring currently lacks and an almost luxurious optical illusion. To get the most life out of your rug, scotch guard that guy like your life depends on it – It’s what’s going to stop your rug from getting destroyed by wine spills, food drops and grubby shoes.

Dreamin' - Rust | Hansel Gretel Australia

Hansel Gretel Australia's rugs are the bomb when it comes to colours and quality. Tonnes of choices to be made and guaranteed quick delivery on their range textiles!

Another option is getting your hands on some vinyl floorboards that use an interlocking system and can be used in both wet and dry areas. These come with a tonne of instructions and require tools that you wouldn’t just have lying about, so you’d be best to get a professional in to install these (it’s woooorth it). 

Light it up

Now, I’ve stepped into some pretty creepy, low lit rentals that feel more drug den than home. When you can’t get natural lighting into your rental, then look to other lighting sources. Floor and table lamps are a quick, effortless way to brighten up a room and create moods in individual spaces. As obvious as it may seem to just chuck a lamp into a room to add light, you may not have thought of just how easy this method is for you to flex your design muscles with the virtually endless choices there are currently on the market.

Eddie Table Lamp | Hansel Gretel Australia

Hansel Gretel Australia have some super quirky cool lighting that will definitely boost the atmosphere in your dungeon-esque rental.

I’ve recently fallen in love with plug-in wall sconces that don’t need to be drilled in but are suctioned onto the wall which you can find at IKEA. Another quick fix that’ll keep it short and sweet, is changing out the old fixture on your ceiling with a new shade and using LED light bulbs everywhere!

You can use all of these tips in any room throughout your home. So, what are you waiting for?

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    XIng LI

    My partner and I are moving to Europe soon. This has helped with our place in Melb thanks

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