Insider: How to get your bedroom market ready

Insider: How to get your bedroom market ready

Insider: How to get your bedroom market ready

Bedroom ideas to style your bedroom without a property stylist

Selling your home often sounds simple at first. But, when you look at everything that needs to be done, it can feel very overwhelming. To make life a little easier, many opt for hiring a property stylist, especially if their realtor already has someone they can recommend.

Whilst this may initially take a huge burden off your shoulders, the overall price tag that comes with hiring a professional can be incredibly high for some. And to make matters worse, you can probably do a simple yet good enough job yourself provided you have the right information - at a fraction of the cost!

With the correct investments in the right places, you can successfully style your home without spending a small fortune. Better still, you can keep all homewares and furniture once everything is done, making self-styling a truly cost-effective option if you know how.

As the first instructional guide in a multi-part series, I’m now going to take you through the processes of styling one of the most important rooms within your home: your bedroom. Including multiple tips and tricks designed to make the entire process uncomplicated and painless, getting your home ready for sale shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.


The whole point of home staging to create a home that a target audience can visualise themselves and their families in, how to effectively use the available space and establish their life there. Whilst I’m not going to go through the full range of reasons why you should or shouldn’t style your entire property, let’s knuckle down and focus on why your master bedroom design needs an overhaul.

Oversized bedroom furniture, outdated or discoloured linens, excessive wall art or family photos can really detract from the bedroom design and quality entirely. These are things that a professional property stylist rather than the average person will immediately understand need to go or simplified, so, take note and begin minimalizing your master bedroom design. Maximise the master bedroom experience for potential buyers during real estate house opens and through beautiful campaign photography.


As people will be entering your home on a regular basis, the aim is for the entire area to be looking its very best. So, an already ‘lived in’ space is simply not going to cut it if you’re serious about selling. Anything on your bedside tables should be hidden away, including glasses, cups, face creams and even digital clocks. If it isn’t there for decoration, put it away.

Next, you need to be prepared to put your gloves on and get ready for a super deep clean. You’re going to have to get behind your furniture and bedframe, sucking up potentially years’ worth of dust in the process. Thoroughly wiping your windows shouldn’t be forgotten and removing any marks or grime off your walls & skirting boards is essential. Whilst perhaps not the most pleasant job in the world, excessive cleaning is crucial to ensure your bedroom is in the best shape for potential buyers.

If your carpets happen to be in a ghastly state, you should definitely consider investing in a steam clean too. You’ll probably need at least a week for this to completely dry up, as any residual dampness will generate an unappealing wet dog smell.

There’s so much to be considered when buying a house, meaning cleanliness and overall appearance should be a top priority. Looking at someone’s mess can really deter a potential buyer, not to mention the rising house prices throughout Australia. People expect value for their money, so don’t give someone a reason not to buy from you purely because you didn’t take the time to clean.


It’s highly recommended to head to your closest linens store and replace your old bedding and get some nice new sheets. Typically, white bed linens, sheets and duvets look amazing in photographs, providing a clean, fresh, almost blank-looking canvas guaranteed to look sleek and attractive to buyers.

Any misshapen pillows or neck pillows should be removed and hidden away. Instead, opt for pillow inserts that have a lot of body – like something you’d expect to find in a luxurious hotel room. Presenting your bed with thick, luscious pillows will resonate with potential buyers, helping them imagine a comfortable night’s sleep in the bedroom.

A simple yet effective pillow combination you could try involves stacking two pillows on each side, laid on top of each other or upright against your bedhead. Uncomplicated yet incredibly pleasing on the eye, this is easy to achieve by virtually anyone.

And your pillows aren’t the only thing involving effort, with your duvet insert requiring attention. Choose an insert and cover set a size larger than your actual bed (e.g. a king size duvet for a queen size bed), as it will give your bed a fuller, more polished look overall.

A property styling favourite involves pulling the buttoned end of your duvet right to the edge of your mattress, covering the fitted sheet underneath. Utilise an accordion fold at the top, with the excess space able to accommodate decorative cushions.

With photography and house opens on the horizon, make sure your bedding is cleaned and pressed with your bed made to the exact same standards each time. This continuation will make sure those who visit your real estate open house in person or view photographs online will see the same thing, ensuring a fair experience for all potential buyers.


As a property stylist myself, I’ve always valued the flawless, soothing effect symmetry can provide in a world typically filled with chaos! A great way to start is by centring your bed on the largest, unimpeded wall free of doorways or windows. Make sure you have two matching bedside tables (one for each side of the bed), ideally of a similar style to your bedframe or any lamps present on top.

And if two matching lamps on either side simply isn’t an option, you can place your singular lamp on the furthest bedside table away from your doorway and use a decorative pile of books or a vase to balance-out the opposite side.


If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough, it’s that less is more! Cluttered bedside tables are likely to look a mess even if unintentional, so simply choosing between a small stack of books, trinket holder, tea light votive or even flowers in a small vase will be more than enough to spread over two bedside tables without appearing chaotic.

In terms of wall art, I highly recommend opting for pieces that are as close to neutral as you can get. An A3-A1 size of framed artwork is the perfect choice and won’t run the risk of coming across as either ‘too little’ or ‘too much’. You’ll likely be using artwork to bring a source of colour to your bedroom, meaning on walls in which you simply can’t place any (due to the presence of a window or door frame), they could appear a little plain.

In these cases, bring attention to your bedhead, use colourful decorative cushions or even throw a blanket over your bed to add a pop of colour. 2-3 decorative cushions are more than enough, with varying textures, patterns and sizes great for elevating your bed. And if your chosen throw blanket is in the same range of colour, you’ll ‘pull’ your entire combination together to tie everything in.


A bedroom should be dressed like it’s worth buying. Think of it like you would a mannequin wearing a nice outfit in a clothing store – it looks great and you can imagine yourself in it.

From the doorway to each side of the bedroom, there should be a sense of easy flow where potential buyers can walk around the bed without hindrance. A photographer should be able to sit their camera in the corner or the doorway and shoot the room in a way that makes people want to visit in person.

Minimal knick-knacks on your bedside tables will ensure your bedroom won’t feel cluttered when they’re combined with warm and simple lighting, providing a distinctive homely atmosphere to the entire space. Subtle coloured artwork will create a feeling of ‘rest and relaxation’, which is crucial for many of today’s busy lives where we seek somewhere to relax and retreat to at the end of a long day.

All of this simplicity is super easy for anyone (including hubby!) to continue replicating over your campaign period. So, what are you waiting for? Get styling!




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