Authentic Laguiole Cutlery: How one of the world’s most-popular cutlery is made

Authentic Laguiole Cutlery: How one of the world’s most-popular cutlery is made

The village of Laguiole is nestled high amidst the Massif mountain range in France, and is home to the characteristic Laguiole cutlery. Found in the world’s finest restaurants as well as in faux-French cafés and small-town steakhouses, this slender silverware is completely handcrafted and an epitome of true craftsmanship.  

 To give you an overview of the incessant hard work that goes behind the scene, here’s a brief guide that describes how a 100% genuine French Laguiole Cutlery set is manufactured before it is dispatched to the market:

1. Preparing the Materials and Blanking

This process involves cutting the coils into sheets to get the desired length from rolls of bespoke T12 steel that adheres to AISI 420 and 304 steel standards. It is carried out in an independent SGS laboratory, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen who help ensure that the quality is paramount. After this an outer contour of the silverware to be manufactured is cut by carrying out the procedure referred to as blanking.

2. Cambering the Steel

For the high-quality Laguiole spoons and forks that are renowned for their durability and sophistication, the cutleries undergo pressure of 200-800T using an exclusively manufactured tool. This shaping apparatus referred to as a drawing punch meticulously shapes the finest flat steel used in the production.

Why further press the already flat steel, you may wonder? The answer: it is done in order to perfect the characteristic curvature of the famous flatware that’s used worldwide for tabletop use. This is also to ensure that the silverware that’s going to feed you is at its best shape and add to the elegance of the Laguiole tribe. 

In the case of forks, after the outline is defined and cut, the prong still needs to be taken care of. This is done using a low-pressure press which first pierces out the middle tine and then the outer ones. These two separations ascertain perfectly well-aligned tines for a flawless presentation.

3. Initial Polishing to give its sheer diamond shine

You can recognize the authentic Laguiole Cutlery Set from the moment you lay your eyes on it. The absolute pure shine of Laguiole is hard to miss and utterly difficult to resist. The secret to its unrivalled, glossy luster is not a silver coating like many assume it to be.

Once cambering the steel is complete, the products undergo the first polishing stage where they are dipped into a bath of steel balls for approximately 15 minutes. This initial polishing deburrs the cutleries to smoothen the rough edges and ridges. And to give it a mirror-like sheen! This process is initiated in order to remove any asperities and to give the silverware a smooth surface required for comfortable use.

4. Manual Polishing the Cutleries for extra shine

The prime reason why Laguiole Cutlery Sets stand out is because of the unbeatable manual contribution of the skillful craftsmen who input sheer determination to fine tune absolute perfection.  The procedure includes a thorough manual polishing using cotton rollers which results in the final product that boasts of mirror-polished finishing. This also helps the manufacturers meet customers’ requirements.


Did you know? Unlike the cheap mass-produced Laguiole cutlery sets that are sold in big-box stores, the best quality Laguiole cutlery is re-polished by skilled craftsmen until it is ready to be used.

And as far as the Authentic French Laguiole cutlery goes, Laguiole Andre Verdier is the name you should trust! It not only makes, machines, and assembles every piece of their Laguiole cutlery set in its place of origin but also prides on bespoke Laguiole qualities coupled with expert craftsmanship.

5. Assembly

After quality-check, the qualified sets of cutleries are passed on to the team of stamp-makers that carry on the stamping stage where the logo of the bee is impeccably engraved on each piece for ornamentation.

Did you know? At a high-quality manufacturing unit, the finished product is presented to the inspection team, which checks for various features including the polish, weight balance, and folding action. The denied silverware will be returned back for more work.

That’s why; when you shop with Hansel Gretel, you can ascertain exceptional Laguiole cutlery gift sets that speak of durability and value. Check out our Laguiole Cutlery sets, to get yours today. 




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