Australian Lighting: How to choose lamps for your home

Australian Lighting: How to choose lamps for your home


Australian Lighting: How to choose lamps for your home

Lighting can be ever so powerful in interior design and can have both an aesthetic effect and functional too. When you have a background in interior design and decorating, you can thoroughly understand the nature of lighting and how it can benefit the home and the people residing there, but what if you don’t have this knowledge? Well, here is an easy guide to what and why you need a table lamp or floor lamp within your own interior design.

Depending on where you are throughout Australia lighting can genuinely be what pulls a room together, morning or night. In the Australian winter months, there is much less sunlight flowing through our windows and the need to illuminate your home is a must and in the spring to summer months there are plenty of events occurring where creating long-lasting ambience further into the night begins to happen.

A lamp, no matter floor or table lamp, with the correct light bulb can truly enhance decorative pieces, furniture, fabrics and finishes whilst spreading warmth throughout a room. Beyond enhancing your space, there are functionalities to consider also; task lighting, desk lamps, arc lamps, reading lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. With all of these lighting options to think about, now comes the light bulb!


Incandescent, Fluorescent and Halogen lightbulbs are dated and no longer sought-after products however, LED light bulbs are an energy efficient, longer lasting and just as bright solution that will light up your room beautifully. Save on energy and reduce your household bills by utilising LED lightbulbs in your lamps throughout your home. LED lightbulbs are available for any shape, size and wattage that you can think of.

For task lighting, desk lamps and reading lamps, a cooler, whiter light is necessary so as to not strain the eye while working away or reading your favourite books. A favourite type of LED lightbulb to utilise in areas of comfort and design, a warm, white light is a must. Having a warmer form of light flowing throughout a space from a table lamp or floor lamp can truly enhance not only your décor, but the ambience within the room. Think of it as mood lighting and accentuate the intimate nature of particular spaces.

As examples of where to best use warm or cooler lighting in your interior design here are two scenarios; Bedside table lamps are a great way to bring soft, warm lighting into the bedroom and evoke a sense of comfort and peace. A work desk is the best place to put task lighting like a desk lamp with a cooler, brighter lightbulb for a boost in productivity and less strain on the eye.


Task Lighting

From crocheting, crosswords to reading a favourite novel or whatever your hobby may be, task lighting is simply going to help you to better see what it is your doing, whether it’s in the early morning hours or into the late evening. Generally, found boasting a cantilever design (the neck moves in multiple directions) to assist you as you see fit. The best lightbulb to be used in a lamp of this nature is a cooler toned lightbulb for less strain on the eye. However, it isn’t uncommon to see a warmer lightbulb used in a desk lamp of an artist, it is truly dependant on the person using the desk lamp, some artists prefer to use a warm tone lighting as it is relaxing to the mind.

Types of lamps that you will find best for task lighting are desk lamps, reading lamps, arc floor lamps, strip lights and so much more.

Ambient Lighting

Outside of using lamps for hobbies or work, there are lamps purely for the sake of illuminating a room and creating beautiful ambience throughout. Not just decorative but conveniently purposeful too. Lighting can have a huge effect on our senses, our concentration, our appetite and our moods and right there is where we can definitely see the power that lighting can have on us. Ambient lighting doesn’t focus on just one specific area like accent lighting (we’ll touch on next!), but also a room entirely. In Australia during the summer months, it’s entertaining season, meaning we are up far longer into the later hours. Natural light always has everyone's moods up and with ambient lighting we are looking to keep the mood as bright into the evening as long as possible or try to let guests know it’s time to leave.

Types of ambient lighting come in the form of dimmable ceiling lights, floor lamps with warm lightbulbs, bedside table lamps and decorative table lamps and floor lamps, glass shaded table or floor lamps.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting does just that; accentuates. The aim of accent lighting is to bring your focus to a specific point in a room, like your favourite artwork, piece of furniture or an area of interest. Using more light than that of ambient lighting, with a shade that directs light in a focused manner, rather than spreading light softly throughout your space. By using a beautiful accent light in your home, you are bound to create visual interest and bring attention to your favourite areas.

Types of accent lighting are wall sconces, recessed lighting and track lights. There are many beautiful table lamps and floor lamps available to use as accent lighting to spotlight a cushioned area, a library of books, statement furniture and so much more.


While we are discussing artificial light sources, the most favourable source of light is definitely sunlight. But with lives becoming super busy, late nights and early mornings are a major factor we need to consider. Our bodies are affected by the amount of light around us, with brightly and warmly lit areas improving our moods, energy level, concentration, appetite and so much more. While lower lit areas can drain us of our energy, contribute to depression or other bodily deficiencies. So, for further productivity we need to have the correct lighting to truly be at our best, no matter what our field of work, past times and interior design styles.


Beautify your home or your workspace with accent, ambient and task lighting. With warmer lights creating a warm, inviting and relaxing environment, while cooler light brings stimulation, alertness and focus. Whether its Hamptons lighting or industrial lighting you’re after, there is always a table lamp or floor lamp just waiting for you. You can shop our Australian lighting range at Hansel Gretel Australia to find something that will work for your home.



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