5 Styling Products Every Bedroom Needs to Have

5 Styling Products Every Bedroom Needs to Have

5 Styling Products Every Bedroom Needs to Have

 A bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home. Even though, chances are that you spend the least amount of time in this particular room, the time you DO spend in it is vital to leading a healthy, well-balanced life.

We spend one third of our life sleeping, so it just makes sense that our bedroom should be optimized to aid in a good night’s sleep. But sleep aside, a bedroom is also a refuge after a long day of work and a tranquil place to rebalance our thoughts & escape from the stresses of everyday life.

 Because of this, it’s extra important to take extra care when styling a bedroom. Let’s take a look at 5 must have styling products for every bedroom.

1.      Bedside Tables

Bedside tables not only look good and help your bedroom feel more orderly, but they also add an extra layer of convenience to your life. Most bedside tables double as storage units where you can keep the items you’d rather not trek out of bed to fetch.


Use your bedside table to home the essentials such as your alarm clock, whatever you’re currently reading and a coaster for your morning cup of coffee. You can also keep a scented candle on top of a bedside table for more intimate moments—it’s all about the details after all. 


These days beside tables are made with all kinds of material, but it’s recommended that you stick with wooden bedside tables. This is purely because they tend to be more durable and last longer. Bedside tables are great at reflecting the aesthetic of your bedroom.    


2.      Table Lamps

Now that we’ve covered bedside tables, it makes sense that we’ll chat about the item most people place atop them: table lamps! Table lamps serve a practical purpose by generating light in a bedroom, but they are far from boring.


There is plenty of room to get creative with table lamps. Think unusual shapes, interesting shades and table lamps that omit different colours & light intensity.


Modern table lamps often include a dimmer, so you can have full control over how much light your exposed to while settling down for the night. Table lamps can further drive your design scheme, colour palette and present an opportunity to display your personality.


3.      Rugs

There is nothing quite like stepping out of the gorgeously warm cocoon that is your bed and onto a cold, hard floor. That’s why no bedroom is complete without a rug. We particularly love Hampton style rugs because of their calming colours, interesting textures and unique patterns.


The Hamptons style of decorating is absolutely perfect for bedrooms because of the calming, gentle and relaxing feeling it evokes. Hampton style rugs in whites, greys, blues and other muted tones help to promote an overall feeling of tranquility which is a must for any bedroom.


Hampton style rugs have the ability to tie a room together, muffle the sound of footsteps and keep bare feet warm while introducing a gentle pop of colour conducive to a good night’s sleep. A bedroom without a rug comes across as somewhat cold, uninviting and unfinished.


4.      Wall Art Prints

The simple addition of wall art prints can turn your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary almost effortlessly. The key considerations when selecting wall art prints for your bedroom are:

  • Stick to your existing colour scheme as much as possible. You should opt for wall art prints that feature calming, soothing, serene tones.
  • In a bedroom environment, large abstract wall art prints tend to work well as well as blown-up photographs of calming scenes. The addition of two or three simple wall art prints directly above your bed are also massively effective.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your walls by adding too many wall art prints as too much visual stimulation is detrimental to your mind “shutting down” at nighttime.  


5.      Velvet Cushions

If you want your bedroom to be a place of understated opulence, elegance and luxury you need look no further than the addition of velvet cushions. Velvet cushions work well with both minimalist and maximalist design schemes.


Velvet cushions are a fantastic way to incorporate new layers of colour and texture to your bedroom. Whether you create a cushion cache on your bed or use smaller velvet cushions to line your windowsill or adorn your vanity stool you can’t go wrong here.


If you’re hesitant to turn your bed into a velvet vista, consider using large velvet cushions as shams for your bed and place more traditional throw cushions in front of them. The overall effect is wonderfully understated without being “too velvety”—if that’s even a real thing.   


Bedroom Styling Do not's

Now that you know all the stylings needed to create a beautiful boudoir, it’s time to take a look at what to avoid. Here is the lowdown on bedroom styling don’ts:

  • Avoid certain colours: The colour palette of a bedroom should feature soft, calming shades and avoid bright colours at all costs. Specific colours to be avoided are deep purples, browns and reds.
  • Don’t over-do it: Don’t fill your bedroom with too much furniture and accessories. Stick to the basic bedroom furniture and essential stylings we listed above to make sure your bedroom doesn’t end up looking & feeling cluttered & chaotic.
  • Limit the tech: This next bedroom don’t is often the topic of debate in the interior decorating world. It definitely comes down to personal preference. Since a bedroom is an escape from the demands of your everyday life, we recommend making your bedroom a TV-free zone.
  • Don’t neglect storage: Nothing takes away from the feeling of relaxation more than clutter. Consider putting a storage bench at the bottom of your bed, a clothes hamper in the corner of your room and invest in cute wicker boxes that you can slide under your bed, vanity or bedside tables.


We’ve covered all the essential elements every bedroom needs to have as well as some important bedroom don’ts. From Hampton style rugs to cover your floors to wall art prints to adorn your walls, you can’t go wrong with the 5 styling must haves that every bedroom needs to have.

Do you have any of your own bedroom must haves that we haven’t mentioned in this article? Share your list of bedroom styling essentials with us in the comments section below!  




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