5 Easy Steps to bring hamptons style to your home

5 Easy Steps to bring hamptons style to your home

Bring the Hamptons style into your home with these 5 easy steps

It’s no wonder people are obsessed with the Hamptons style. Interiors designed to be light, bright and whitewashed, boundless sunlight reflects off every surface creating visual warmth and the illusion of larger rooms. Here are 5 simple ways to bring the Hamptons interior design style to your home.

 If you’ve been perusing Pinterest recently or for a lifetime, the Hamptons interior design style is definitely a favourite search of yours. The Hamptons style can be seen elsewhere, on TV, in the movies and all over design magazines. You could never have missed it! But how do you begin getting this desired look into your very own home? Here is a list of easy and simple ways to bring the Hamptons style home.



The Hampton style is light, bright and whitewashed, featuring white walls that create the illusion of larger rooms, reflecting boundless sunlight off every surface and producing visual warmth. All of these things combined come from painting your walls a warm white rather than a cooler toned white which when sunlight or artificial light hits it, you gain a beautiful warmth the flows through out your home. The psychology of colour comes into play here, where warm tones and reflected sunlight can lift your mood and stimulate productivity.

For a welcoming white interior paint, we suggest Dulux’s Wash&Wear Low Sheen Natural White or Stowe White.

 Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

During early mornings, the late afternoon and darkening nights, the need for lighting becomes apparent. Having a lamp switched on through these darker hours of the day softens, calms and enhances our mood as well as being aesthetically beautiful to look at. A coastal lamp made of natural materials like stone, marble, timber and rattan are wonderful ways to generate the Hampton style in one easy step. Hampton style floor lamps and table lamps are not only stunning to look upon but evoke effortless elegance with natural features.

The Shoreham Floor Lamp and the Weave Rattan Floor Lamp in Natural are our perfect go-to Hamptons style floor lamp.



Influenced by the French and their extravagant interior design styles like Rococo and Baroque, Hampton style has pulled the elegance and a lessened version of their ornate interior design style. Bringing these features and minimalizing them, makes for a sensible level of luxury that embodies what the Hamptons style actually is; simplified refinement with laid back comfort and coastal calm.

So, when it comes to selecting furniture to put into your Hampton style home the first thing that comes to mind should be comfort and easy elegance. For softer furniture pieces, this is an area where you can either continue your neutral colourings or a favourite coastal palette that should be in the realm of navy and soft duck egg blues or mints. When choosing sturdy furniture like coffee tables or dining tables, natural materials or white-washed timbers are perfect for a Hampton style home. Let’s not forget about seating, kitchen stools, dining chairs and occasional chairs should be either upholstered in a Hamptons style colour palette featuring uncomplicated French ornateness or made of simpler natural materials such as rattan or bamboo.

Our 5 top furniture picks are the Zoe Sofa, Layla Armchair, Titan Dining Table + Benches and our favourite designer barstool, the Trudy Barstool.


Soft Furnishings

Keeping on track with natural materials, cushions, throws, bed sheets and rugs are included! Fabrics that are made from flax linen, cotton and wool or even a blend of all of them, make for the perfect soft furnishing creations. Neutral colours or navy and soft duck egg blues or mints are the fabric colours that will suit your Hampton style interior and will noticeably soften your space with ease while also bringing a calming effect and feeling amazing underfoot or to the touch of your hands.

Our Atrium Rug is by far our favourite for a Hamptons style home.


Decorative Pieces

Home décor pieces are the small decorative pieces that speak of our personality and our lives while also looking aesthetically beautiful. In a Hamptons interior design style, introduce pieces that are of a nautical and coastal theme and use colours that are natural, neutral, or metallic but most definitely keep it simple and minimal! Using indoor plants and cuttings of green foliage or white flowers accent a Hampton style interior easily whilst also bringing nature indoors and assists in creating pops of natural colour against the warm white of the rest of your home. Driftwood sculptures, brass or gold figurines, mirrored photo frames, marble trays and glass or ceramic vases are some examples of ideal Hampton style home décor pieces.

We suggest using the Della Vase or the Cooper Tray as the perfect boutique homewares to add to your Hampton style home.


Bring your obsession from the online world and from the pages of tabloids or right off the television screens but using the 5 helpful tips to start your Hamptons interior design style come to life. If you’d like to add anything to this topic or you find anything here helpful, comment below!













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